Q2 Thrive & Shine Mastermind - Monthly Payment Plan

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Women’s Thrive & Shine Mastermind Group:

Join the Q2 2021 Mastermind Group, hosted by Shannan Hale & Mindy Henderson

- Weekly sessions will be held Wednesdays at noon CT, for 75 minutes. 

- During alternating weeks, a guest speaker will present to the group and answer questions from the group.  Speakers to include Mally Roncal (Women, Sales & Imposter Syndrome) and Scott Miller (Leadership), among others.

- Every other Mastermind session will be an "implementation week," around that speaker's topic.  The group will be broken into smaller groups and each individual will have the opportunity to discuss their goal, their challenges/problems they’d like to solve, get input from the rest of the group and then identify their next action steps for the upcoming week. 

The success of a Mastermind session depends on contributions and discussion from ALL its members in order to create the most energizing outcomes and ideas, so please be prepared to contribute, discuss and support your fellow group members!  We are ALL ABOUT community here!

As an additional option, members can purchase their own, customized “Vision Video” that will be created for them according to their areas of focus (created with your input).  Videos will run 3-5 minutes and will consist of imagery and affirmations the individual should watch daily as a manifestation tool.