"From Empty to Overflow," with Jenny DuFresne

Jenny DuFresne is the CEO of the DuFresne Solutions Group, a leadership development and training firm. As a result of working with her firm, mid-level managers build great teams, reduce employee turnover, and build vibrant company culture. 

Jenny’s 10-year service as a United States Marine forms her leadership foundation. As a trailblazing leader, she applied these leadership lessons to found the only all-male public charter elementary school in Washington, DC, and the only all-male early childhood program in the Nation.

She is the international bestselling author of the book, From Empty to Overflow. In the book, Jenny highlights five radical actions women leaders need to create happy, harmonious, and joyful lives.   

Jenny holds degrees from Harvard University and George Mason University. 

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www.FromEmptytoOverflow.com: From Empty to Overflow: 5 Radical Actions Women Leaders Use to Rejuvenate, Grow Profits, and Inspire People

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