Mindy is a motivational keynote speaker, and speaks on topics related to navigating life's adversity, mindset and problem-solving, focusing on potential instead of limitations, reaching our fullest potential, goal-setting. She is an advocate for the equitable treatment of individuals with disabilities and speaks passionately about issues such as diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), universal design, inclusive fashion, employment and air travel.


The Truth About Things That Suck


Mindy’s book, “The Truth About Things That Suck,” Mindy discusses those universal things in life that we all experience and that creates adversity in our lives - things like rejection, shame, sadness, fear, illness. Mindy uses examples from her own life where these things have shown up and shares what she has learned “the truth” of them to be, and the tools, strategies and perspectives she’s used to navigate them, empowering your audience to look at their own struggles through a new lens.

The Business of Inclusion

There is comfort in familiarity. It is our nature to seek out people who are like us. But, by limiting our exposure to people who are different we limit our knowledge, our perspective AND our competitive advantage. 

There are unique experiences and challenges that come along with being a member of any classification of people. And, Mindy believes that the challenges we face are the very things that build in us the skills and experiences that can make us extraordinary. That is ONE OF the reasons why it is good business to hire individuals living with disabilities. One and four people live with a disability, and this population represents $645 billion of disposable income. AND when you live i your life with a disability, you live in a world that is not built for you. With a shift in perspective around product and service development that Mindy will share, you can not only change the world we live in for the better, but you will open your business to huge revenue streams. 

In this presentation, Mindy discusses the reasons why diversity & inclusion makes us and makes our businesses better, and will examine, from her own perspective, why a company should strive to be a leader in this area.

Six Steps to Becoming Limitless: How to Achieve Any Goal


The word Mindy chooses to live her life by is “Limitless.” As person who's achieved almost every goal she's ever set out to accomplish - despite her physical limitations - she has proven that the wrong mindset in life can be far more disabling than what any wheelchair might represent. She believes in potential, NOT in limitations, and as such, she’s figured out how to set and accomplish goals, even when the odds are against you. In this presentation, she will break it down for your audience and give them the tools to go crush their own personal or professional goals.