Mindy is a motivational keynote speaker, and speaks on topics related to navigating life's adversity, mindset and problem-solving, reaching our fullest potential, and goal-setting. She is an advocate for the equitable treatment of individuals with disabilities and speaks passionately about disability inclusion in the workplace, universal design, inclusive fashion, and air travel.


The Business of Inclusion:


There is comfort in familiarity. It is our nature to seek out people who are like us. But, by limiting our exposure to people who are different we limit our knowledge, our perspective AND our competitive advantage. 

There are unique experiences and challenges that come along with being a member of any classification of people. And, Mindy believes that the challenges we face are the very things that build in us the skills and experiences that can make us extraordinary.

Lots of companies have diversity and inclusion programs woven into their fabric, however, only 4% of them include disability in their diversity efforts. 

64 million people in the United States live with disabilities, and only 5% of this population represents $21 billion of disposable income. When you live your life with a disability, you live in a world that is not built for you. With a shift in perspective around product and service development, you can not only change the world we live in for the better, but you will open your business to huge revenue streams. 

In this presentation, Mindy discusses the reasons why diversity & inclusion makes us and makes our businesses better, and will examine, from her own perspective, why a company should strive to be a leader in this area.

Main idea:

Few would argue that embracing inclusion is the right thing to do. But what many may not realize is that there is a compelling business case for weaving disability inclusion into the fabric of your organization’s values. 

Audience takeaways:

- A glimpse into Mindy's story, and the social importance of considering individuals with disabilities when building inclusion into your organization. 

- A breakdown of the discretionary income represented by the disabled community, and the revenue potential created for companies selling products and services that embrace inclusive practices

- A breakdown of the competitive advantage created for companies that embrace inclusive hiring

- Tactics for how to begin 

From Limited to Limitless:


There is no denying that life and business can be met with extreme adversity. It's not really even a question of "if," it's a question of “when." From time to time, the oceans rise up and attempt to show us all our limitations. Setbacks, challenges and problems will arise, and in those moments, it can be hard to see that you do, in fact, still hold all the cards. 

In fact, just four years ago, Mindy proved just that when she was forced to completely reimagine and redesign her career, becoming happier and more successful than ever.

In her book, The Truth About Things That Suck, Mindy uses wit and wisdom to illustrate the adversity she has had to learn to navigate - things like living life from a wheelchair, job loss and unemployment, two devastating car crashes, and more. Despite her physical disability, and the adversity she has had to overcome in her life, Mindy has accomplished almost every goal she has ever attempted, and has adopted the word "limitless" as her life's mantra. Her positive attitude and the lens she has learned to look at life's challenges through in order to get what she wants are transformative. 

Main idea:

In this presentation, Mindy will motivate your audience with prescriptive strategies and tactics to take your business or personal challenges from circumstances full of what may look like limitations, to unlimited possibilities and potential.

Audience takeaways:

- Using stories and examples from Mindy's own life, she will teach your audience about mindset and how the wrong mindset in life can be far more damaging than your actual situation may be. 

- Adoption of the idea that your biggest challenges can become your biggest advantages

- Explanations of how adopting strategies and philosophies like determination and perseverance, flexibility and open-mindedness, and purpose and passion will move you into a more constructive mindset that will open you to new possibilities for reinvention.

- A reimagined belief that despite the adversity you may face, you are not a victim and actually are still very much in control of your own destiny.

Create Meaningful Change in Difficult Times

Change is a constant. Life, the world around us, and the circumstances of our existence are constantly changing. Often times, we can feel like victims of that change – SO often, it feels like changes happen to us rather than for us. It's when you make the paradigm shift to see the opportunity that change can bring, rather than the undoing of your business, or of life, that you can become successful beyond your wildest dreams. 

When you become intentional in times of change, you put yourself in a unique position to control the narrative. You become equipped to create AND to respond to change. It is not an easy thing to do, and takes practice, but Mindy, can help show you how to master it. 

Main Idea: 

• Through stories from Mindy's own life, learn how to look at change through a new lens. Often times, we label change that is imposed upon us as challenging and scary, and we categorize it as adversity. Mindy believes that the lens we look at our adversity through makes all the difference. This talk will motivate you to thrive through change, rather than to merely succumb to it.  

Audience Takeaways: 

• Learn a more positive and constructive lens to look at change through that will empower you, rather than paralyze you. 

• Examples from Mindy of how she turned change into the biggest success of her life. 

• Adopt a new mindset of innovation and opportunity and how to make that your new normal when the circumstances change and your initial reaction is to be discouraged and disempowered. 

• Ideas, strategies and tactics for taking control, and creating meaningful change in times of struggle.