Mindy has several standard presentations/keynotes she can offer, but will always tailor her presentations to match your audience's interests and needs. Have a different topic in mind you’d like to pitch to Mindy for your specific audience/event? Let’s talk! Please reach out to discuss your event.


Turning Your Biggest Challenges into Your Biggest Advantages


Adversity is universal. We all experience challenges in both our personal and professional lives, though they may look wildly different to each of us. In this presentation, Mindy uses stories from her own journey to provide a new perspective on how to keep limitations and adversity from becoming excuses, and instead, helps people navigate the terrain by looking at adversity through a more positive lens. She will also share various tools and strategies that have taught her to turn her biggest challenges into her biggest advantages for success.   


Key Takeaways:

- How to view adversity from a new perspective that enables us all to turn our challenges into advantages

- Preemptively programming our minds to set us up well to respond to challenges when they arise

- How learning to "project manage" your challenges gives you skills and characteristics that become the very attributes you need to employ to accomplish your goals

- The importance of accountability in times of adversity

Adversity, Diversity & Inclusion: Finding Strength in Our Differences


There are unique challenges that come along with being a member of a minority group. But, Mindy believes that the challenges we face are the very things that build in us the skills and experiences that can make us extraordinary. In this presentation, Mindy discusses the reasons why diversity & inclusion make us and make our businesses better, and will examine, from her own perspective, why a company should strive to be a leader in this area.


Key Takeaways:

- How the adversity Mindy faced as a disabled person gave her skills that made her an exceptional employee, manager and now...entrepreneur

- How the experiences acquired by those doing life differently than us generally contributes to the skills, perspectives and ideas they bring to an employer to help make them successful

- Being intentional about diversity; working and socializing with people who don’t look like you gives diversity & inclusion an opportunity to become normal

- A sense of purpose to become a model to the other companies around you of how to do diversity and inclusion well. Realize that it begins with open minds and intention to seek out people to work with who do life differently and can think of what you didn’t.

Doing What You Can with What You Have: Redefining What Optimal Health Means to You


Mindy has lived life not only as a disabled woman, but as a disabled woman whose disability affects her physical form and makes the standards of beauty the media sets for women that much less unattainable. Through Mindy’s discussion of living with a disability and her own health-journey, the audience will receive a new-found appreciation of what their bodies can do and a new outlook on setting and achieving their health goals.  


Key Takeaways:

- Despite the physical differences we all have and limitations on our bodies, we ALL have a level of optimal health that we can achieve and should strive for

- A renewed appreciation of our bodies, what they are capable of and our need to take care of them

- Standards of beauty that fashion and entertainment industries set and a different way of thinking to shift our perspective on these standards

- We can all do hard things and should set and work toward goals to reach out optimal level of health

Adversity & Entrepreneurism: Pillars & Parallels


Over the years, Mindy has become a master of navigating adversity well. Over the course of her life, she has discovered five guiding principles that have become a guide in how she approaches adversity. More recently, after leaving a 20-year career in corporate America to become an entrepreneur, she realized that the same guiding principles that help her through her challenging times, also serve as the perfect guide through a journey into entrepreneurship and to become a successful speaker, author, coach and podcast host..  


Key Takeaways:

- Adversity AND entrepreneurship are HARD. They are hard in different ways, but the principles for navigating hard things are the same - they just require their own perspective when applying the principles.  

- Because the common denominator is that these are categories of HARD things, you will realize that there might be additional hard things we encounter or attempt - like goal-setting - where we can again, apply the same principles through the lens of that new category of “hard.”

- Mindy will walk you through the five principles from the perspective of applying them to adversity, and then to entrepreneurship

- Come away with a new, constructive, practical, positive way of approaching the hard things in your life with principles you can apply to help you thrive.

Disaster Pre-Covery: The COVID Lesson


2020 and COVID taught us the importance of being prepared, of flexibility, of resilience, of creative problem-solving, of community/human connection, of gratitude, and of our physical, emotional, financial, professional and relational health. It’s all about mindset and perspective and here. Mindy will share her expertise on getting into the right mindset to proactively ensure the health of these things BEFORE disaster strikes.


Key Takeaways:

- A discussion on goal-setting and creating a long-term plan to get your finances, your physical health and your employment in as abundant a state as possible

- Why follow-through on our goals is more important than ever, and how to encourage that follow-through in yourself

- Practicing things like gratitude consistently now can rewire your mind to go naturally to a more constructive place and move into problem-solving mode when things go wrong.

- Employers who adopt a value and embrace a practice of flexibility and openness now and make that the norm will be much better positioned to react when something goes awry

- Observations on the areas of our lives that are vulnerable and suggestions for strengthening them. (Counseling, journaling, reading books and doing activities to fortify our resilience and our kid’s (family’s) resilience proactively can set us up well to respond and find creative solutions when things go wrong and interrupt our normal lives and operating procedures)

Side-Effects & By-Products of Volunteering: Healing Your World & Theirs


Mindy has been on the giving and on the receiving end of volunteerism. In every situation, whether she was giving or receiving, she won. In every situation, whether she was giving or receiving, the organization won. There is no down-side to volunteering, and the up-sides can be powerful and life-changing. Here is why we should all create space for volunteering in our lives.


Key Takeaways:

- Volunteering feels good - whether you are giving or receiving a much needed service, it feels good. Mindy will extrapolate how much more powerful “feeling good” is than just “feeling good.”

- A heart of service ignites the law of attraction

- Volunteering opens our eyes to the world around us

- Volunteering is a great way to gain skills, learn a business, make incredible contacts who might offer references and connections when the time is right

- Service organizations couldn’t function in a lot of cases and continue to do the work they do without their volunteers