"Learning to Own Your Own Life," with Jan Goss-Gibson

Today’s guest.  is an absolute class-act.  The grace with which she carries herself, and the way she speaks about kindness and civility touched me.  She is someone who life has knocked down…in big ways…more than once, and she keeps getting up…stronger.

Jan Goss-Gibson is incredibly accomplished - she studied International Business at American Intercontinental University and is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington in DC. She is also an honored graduate of the Global Leadership Program in San Diego, CA. 

Jan developed 4 successful businesses after the age of 40 and is currently the CEO of Civility Consulting, and  Show Up Well Academy and Coaching. 

Jan is a recognized and highly respected Authority, Executive Coach, and Speaker with a reputation for helping individuals and organizations create quick and sustainable results. She is an award-winning speaker and a #1 best-selling author. 

But life hasn’t always been kind.  Jan has quite a story to tell about surviving challenges, becoming a better person for it and is now making the world a better place.

Three "Calls to Action" Jan recommends we ALL implement in our lives today:

  • Pay attention to what’s coming into your eyes and into your ears.  Is it serving you and your current mindset?  Are you talking to people and watching and listening to things that are positive, constructive and happy?  When our life is out of control, one thing we still have control over is our environment - make it an upbeat, positive one.
  • On purpose, do things that feed your soul.  Curate tools into your life that will feed your soul.  Have a go-to speakers, friends, podcasts, destinations (a park or body of water, for example) music play-lists, etc. you can access any time you need a “booster shot."
  • Get it out - talk to a friend or a therapist, or journal.  If you don’t get the negative thoughts and self-talk out, it plays on a loop in your head and that’s not healthy.

Where can you find and connect with Jan?

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