"Let Your Test Become Your Testimonial," with LB Thomas

With over 30 years of experience creating successful advertising and public relations campaigns and as an award-winning producer, LisaBeth “LB” Thomas continues to be regarded as one of the most respected women in her field.

LB was also the founding President of Texas Women in Business which now has chapters in Austin, Houston and Lubbock. She is currently serving as Austin’s president in celebration of their 10th year.

Her pathway to success wasn’t always easy. After her divorce she lost her home and her business. She was devastated and didn’t think it could get any worse, but it did – her mom passed away as she was preparing to close on her home. All this destroyed her confidence and belief in herself. Through the struggle, she uncovered the deep seeded fears that were sabotaging her life. Her courage and determination not only turned a spotlight on those fears, she turned her tragedies into triumphs. LB inspires audiences to dig deep to uncover their inner strength and power to create their best lives now.

Three "Calls to Action" LB recommends we ALL implement in our lives today:

Learn how fear blocks us from our success and ways to outwit it
Take one small step so you respond not react during critical situations
Learn how to give yourself grace
Where can you find and connect with LB?
www.OutwittingFear.com - LB's course on discovering your core fears that may be silently sabotaging your communications, your relationships, your success
LisaBeth Thomas
Outwitting Fear with LB Thomas
LisaBeth Thomas



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