"Live with Audacity," with Melissa Stuart

Melissa Stuart is an Audacity and Purpose coach and host of The Live with Audacity Podcast. As an eternal optimist with a no nonsense approach to life, she helps ambitious women embrace who they truly are so they can be the woman they are called to be! Through a rocky childhood and becoming a young, divorced momma, she found herself in a position of complete overwhelm and anxiety that led her to begin a winding journey of personal growth. 

Along her path, she realized there were two things keeping her and others from living up to their greatest potential - authenticity and healing. Her Live with Audacity mantra reminds her to always be ambitious in the pursuit of healing and authenticity in order to stretch ourselves to reach our greatest potential. 

Melissa's Suggested Calls to Action:
1. Dream REALLY big
2. Heal your heart 
3. Be incredibly honest with yourself: about who you really are, about your shortcomings, about your unique combination of skills and talents

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