"Making Nature Wheelchair Accessible," with Sam & Ryan

Sam and Ryan have been friends since high school.  Recently they have teamed up to become the marketing department for Extreme Motus.  Together they go on adventures in the Emma X3 off-road wheelchair.  From National Parks to skate parks Sam and Ryan are showing the world that "Nature is wheelchair accessible." 

Their TikTok channel has grown to 138,000 followers who come to laugh and be inspired by this odd couple.  Ryan has been a content creator since the early days of YouTube when he took a motorcycle ride in 2007 from Utah to the Panama Canal and back, filming videos and uploading from the road.  Sam, was born with Cerebral Palsy, but like Superman, was also born with several special abilities:

1: He can hold his breath during laughing fits so powerful the U.S. Government once attempted to harness them as a source of renewable energy.
 2: The ability to laugh at all of Ryan's dumb jokes.

Check out the chair and Extreme Motus - www.extrememotus.com

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