Shannon Foreman: You Are Worthy

Shannon founded Forethought Planning with the dream to radically change how people consume  financial education and feel financially empowered!  

  • Money moves and usually leaves our balance sheets while wealth maintains. 
  • Shannon uses the term wealth instead of money for people to adjust their mindset to know they are worthy of building and maintain wealth no matter where they are on their journey. 
  • Wealthcare is the term Shannon uses to bring together the life planning that she does for her clients. 
  • Money touches every aspect of our lives so it is important as a part of your financial planning that your health – mental & physical, your behaviors, relationships, goals, and experiences come together. 

As a Generational Wealthcare Strategist, is the trusted advisor for her clients bringing their wealth together with the life they want to experience -- customizing teams to fit their overall needs. In addition to building, maintaining, and enjoying your wealth, she also works with you on plans to distribute your wealth to generations to come.  Forethought Planning provides cash flow management, debt strategy, charitable giving, wealth management – investment, tax, estate, and insurance planning.  Shannon also takes a tailored investment strategy to ensure that your money is aligned with your values and vision focusing on strategies that focus on environmental, social, and governance making a difference in our communities both nationally and globally. 

In her personal time, Shannon enjoys fitness and personal development— self-care is a huge topic of conversation throughout the client experience at Forethought and Shannon wants to lead by example.  In addition, being involved with her community and raising awareness/change around equity and the wealth gap is something near and dear to her heart. 

Shannon currently serves on the Board of Directors for Urban Ventures a non-profit organization located in south Minneapolis, who’s mission is to eliminate generational poverty. 

She is a mom of two fierce young girls and a wife to an incredible supportive husband. 

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Shannon's Calls to Action:

  • Understand how your past stories impact your current money stories/beliefs. 
  • Rewrite these beliefs into something that will better serve you. 
  • Understand your cashflow - what goes in and what comes out and your net worth - what you own and what you owe.
  • Remember wealth is personal and you are worthy of it!

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