Three years ago, after leaving my successful corporate career and a “winning streak” of accomplishing my goals, I found myself out of work, overwhelmed and lacking in focus or vision. Since then, I’ve created a successful “passion” career, working as a motivational speaker. I recently signed a book contract with a publisher after 10 years of working to turn this dream into reality. I just launched the second season of my podcast, “The Truth About Things That Suck.”

And…I’ve channeled what I’ve learned, my strategies for achieving my goals, and my passion for sharing our stories into two coaching offers.  

I became an Accountability Coach for women who are ready to stop making excuses once and for all, and to do the dang thing. AND, I became a Storytelling Coach for women who are called to tell their story - whether in speeches, in a podcast they are developing or as a podcast guest, OR in a book or article they feel led to write.

I offer "Power Coaching Sessions" to help you get your goals to the finish line without more overwhelm.

This could mean:

- You are midway through a project with no structure, plan or timeline to finish

- You want to start a project, but don't know where or how to start

- You are ready to take your life in a new direction but know that you tend to make excuses and fall off the horse

- You have a story to tell but don’t know how to structure it, how to get started or don’t feel comfortable in front of crowds

This is for:

- No-nonsense women who want a partner to help them reach their goals

- Busy women who want very focused 1-1 power sessions with a coach to get-in-and-get-out and make quick progress

- The woman who has re-started over and over, but never finished...OR the woman who doesn't know how to begin

- The woman who wants to have an impact with their story and experiences

Set up a free consultation with me to discuss your goal(s) and how I can help you make quick progress

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